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Samoa Green Products: green alternatives for single use items

The 2018 Plastic Ban of Samoa prohibits the import, manufacture, export, sale and distribution of plastic shopping bags, packing bags and straws effective since 30 January 2019. It is also intended that styrofoam food containers and cups will be banned once environmentally friendly options have been identified and are in use.


Good news! Samoa Green Products was created recently as a small innovative company providing exactly those much-needed ‘green’ alternatives to help tackle the waste problem. Samoa Green Products started their operations 2 weeks ago producing single-use plates, bowls and cutlery, made from palm leaves. They will be experimenting with other natural materials. The process is based on a simple heat pressing technique used since long in India. In addition, they are planting palms to ensure enough supply of raw material as this will be a challenge scaling up. They are keen for others to join their efforts by doing the same and setting-up similar small businesses investing in green products. Help support this wonderful initiative, spread the word and follow them here.